• Bonnie Buzza posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    HI. I am (the new) Treasurer of the St. Paul Needleworkers Guild in Minnesota. In looking through the material i received, there is a Memorandum from a Karen Wagner, EGA Treasurer, that refers to the “EGA Policies and Procedures Manual, Article VI, H., 5”. Does that Manual still exist ? I have been trying in the document downloads to locate it. with no luck. I’m interested in tax reporting, as we are applying for state tax exempt status and have to fill out many forms….. I am interested in the EGA statement as to how to handle reporting enquiries. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Bonnie, the most current Policies and Procedures documents can be found in Document Downloads under the Policies and Procedures category. Here’s a direct link to document downloads: https://egausa.org/document-downloads/ If you have more questions about the tax forms, you can call our office next week and ask for Tonya. Have a great weekend!