• Adrienne Mccambry posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    As I stated before I am learning cross stitching. And what of the things that I did find out about it was “gridding the fabric. So if some one out there can explain to me how important and easy it is?

    • Hi, Adrienne, thanks for posting.
      I think what you’re referring to is making a grid on your fabric so that it is easier to count. What you can do is baste every 10 or so stitches, both vertically and horizontally, so then you know how many stitches you have in each area.
      As to how important it is: that somewhat depends on your counting skills! It is helpful on a large or very large piece of fabric, or one that has a higher count (more threads per inch). It can also be helpful if our pattern has a lot of color changes or shading.
      Hope that’s helpful.

    • Yes it is very helpful. Thanks!