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    This is a picture of the second sleeve. If you can envision the shape of a sleeve pattern that’s the reason for the cap having only two blocks. The sides will be shaped and some of the blocks will be trimmed which is why not all of the windows have been filled with embroidery.

    • Abby: This is glorious! I have always wanted to make a quilt-wall hanging using cathedral squares, but your idea beats everything I thought of! I cannot wait to see more photos. Janet

    • Hi Janet, So nice to hear from you. I had always wanted to make a quilt with the cathedral window squares and when I visited Lancaster last year during Quilt Fest I saw all of the Amish interpretations using muslin and white fabrics. I went shop hopping and fell in love with the blue on blue fabric which was in two 5 yard cuts. I bought both. I found the watercolor effect fabric – the background is really all from one fabric – and bought two yards. Then I went home to think about and sketch out my ideas. I sketched out how many yards I would need for a quilt and thought ‘it will weigh a ton and I can’t get more of that color’ – I would have needed about 25 yards!! I went back to the drawing board and thought about another jacket. I like to do wearable art and began to cut and sew blocks. I stitched together what would have been a sleeve without embroidery in the windows. Did not like it and undid them all. Then I thought about stitching in each. All of this took a few months of thinking and experimenting. So, I haven’t been working on the jacket for really that long. I will post pictures of the CQ jacket which took many months. I wore it for Quilt Fest in Lancaster – March 2019.

    • Abby – your pieces are amazing! I tried a cathedral window pattern years ago. Not at all as exquisite as yours.