Goldwork Bracelet: Kit Contents, Supplies Needed and more

Class + Kit option includes:

Ground with pattern, a variety of metal thread, needles, closure, round crystals, thread, backing fabric. (see specifics below)

Note: The crystals needed for the class must be round crystals.

goldwork bracelet kit contents amounts v2

If you purchased the Class + Kit option you will need to to supply: 
#10 embroidery needle, #12 beading needle, wax, tweezers, laying tool, silk scissors, metal scissors, cutting board, scroll frame or 8” stretcher bars and tacks, stand or clamp for hands free stitching, magnifier and supplementary lighting (if required), pencil and standard embroidery supplies, a paint brush and acid free PVA (white craft) glue.

If purchasing the Class Only option, you will need all of the supplies and tools mentioned above.