• This is a new group of the students who took the Tudor Rose and Pomegranate class at the EGA National Seminar in October 2018. Please share your thoughts, progress, pictures, questions, tips, hints, hacks; you know the drill.

    • Hi Kendra!

      How exciting…and what a great idea!

      I have not picked up my project yet, but only because I’ve been traveling like crazy for work AND I adopted a new kitten the day that I got home from seminar. LOL.

      I will have time this weekend to put my floor stand back together and get going again.

      If anyone would like to find me on Facebook…[Read more]

      • I have not added to my piece either because I am moving to AZ tomorrow. It is a 6 month seasonal move. I will check out how the group is doing once we get internet set up in about a week, Good luck with the cat. Keep your needle and threads safe!

    • I stitched this piece as a pilot stitcher and it is so much fun to do. Good luck to all of you,