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    I just finished a Petite Project, Dogwood Assisi. I decided to hem it instead of framing it.

  • I am looking for a sampler that was offered in the March 2006 Needlearts magazine called Elizabeth Muir Sampler. I am willing to pay for it.

  • I have been searching for an OOP pattern for the Scottish sampler, Agnes Brock 1795, to no avail. If anyone has this pattern and is finished with it, I would LOVE to buy it from you. I have searched everywhere and have had no luck.

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    Hi all,

    Our chapter is hosting Diane Herrmann\’s Walking the Water\’s Edge in Chicago in May, and we are allowing ghost stitchers. If you are interested in ghosting this class or attending in person, go to http://www.windycityega.org/upcoming-events/

    • Hi Heather, thank you for that invite. Wondering what is included in the fee—any materials?

    • Hi Kay,

      The in-class fee of $85 includes the teacher’s fee and kit. If you decide to ghost the class, the $100 fee includes the teacher’s fee, kit and a shipping/handling fee for the kit. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    • I’m kind of a new EGA member….can you explain how the ghosting works? Is it just a do-it-on-your-own project?

    • Kay- I’m not sure you ever got an answer to your question. In my experience, ghosting involves signing up for a class that you cannot attend in person. The teacher or the person organizing the class will mail the kit to you. So, yes, you work on the project on your own. And we’re so glad that you joined EGA. Welcome to our world!

  • HI. Has payment information for the national seminar been sent out yet? Thanks.

    • Hi, Helene. I got a letter saying I had gotten the class I requested during preregistration, and that we will get information by 1 February on how to complete registration. That must be done by 1 March, so we’ll have a month to pay the rest of registration and the class fee(s).

  • I have had a few chapters asking if there was going to be an ITT this year. If so when will the tour be announced? Thanks for your prompt reply.

  • Seminar 2020- where do we find the schedule of events? Like what is scheduled for evenings, if anything?

    • Hi Violet, some of that information is still being worked on and will be added to egausa.org/2020 as soon as it’s available. Stay tuned!

  • I am in charge of our guild\’s webpage and it was brought to my attention that the link is wrong on the Resources Map. Who do I contact to change the link?

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    I see 9 people on this list right now. Celebrate!

  • Laura Smith posted an update in the group Group logo of EGA Discussion GroupEGA Discussion Group 9 months, 1 week ago

    Does anyone on this list know what\’s going on with the next Through the Needle\’s Eye exhibit? Students in the Strut Your Stuff class want to know the submission deadline.

    • The executive committee is discussing the format of the next TNE. As soon as the details are ready, we will get back to you on the deadline question. Sorry for the delay…

    • Marnie, thanks so much.

    • Hi. I just want to chime in here as a member of Starlight Stitchers, who hosted the TNE exhibit last year. It was an amazing experience for us, to see such incredible works up close and personal. We do see great examples at the State Fair, for instance, but embroidery exhibits are few and far between, at least in our neck of the woods. The TNE…[Read more]

    • I love hearing stories like this Helene! Thanks for sharing.

    • There will be a 22nd Through the Needle’s Eye Exhibit that will debut in 2021. Lots of details to work out still.

    • Celeste, do you hear the rounds of applause coming from this direction? Woooo! So, here’s some stitching motivation for all the talented folks in this class. Thank you for all you are doing as Director of Education, Celeste! It is much appreciated.

  • Working on piper with tp roll. 14 count fabric. Last month learned to transfer pattern . I think this will be good group.

  • Anne Baker posted an update in the group Group logo of EGA Discussion GroupEGA Discussion Group 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Looking for the SAL project, Plaid Spider. It an older project, but is needed now. It is not in EGA Free Projects or Petite Projects.

  • When is the national Gold Thread Winner announced, the opening or the closing banquet of national seminar?

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    Is there a discussion group for the Elephant Lightening Round?

  • Vera Grimsley posted an update in the group Group logo of EGA Discussion GroupEGA Discussion Group 10 months ago

    I brought this up at our Region board meeting in June and decided to throw it out here on the main discussion group. I would love to see a photo on each person’s profile. I don’t know about the rest of you but I need to be able to put faces with names. One RD suggested that we turn a meeting program into a photo taking session for our EGA…[Read more]

  • Does anyone know what type of frame this is? I have googled brooch embroidery/needlepoint frame and I find people selling a finished product like the picture or plain wooden frames. I’m at a loss on what else this frame could be called or where to buy them.

    The picture was taken from the etsy page themagickcat

    • Hi Jessica – it looks like a brooch blank that has been filled with petit-point. Probably stitched in a small count silk gauze. Mary Corbet has articles on stitching on silk gauze. It’s usually taped into small mat board for stitching, using one strand of silk or cotton floss. I didn’t see any blank jewelry settings exactly like this, but if you…[Read more]

    • Jessica, maybe do your search for brooch blank under “findings.”

  • Is there a date for announcing the 2019 Gold Thread Award Winners? How is the announcement made? Thanks, Suzanne Blom

  • Susan Baldassano posted an update in the group Group logo of EGA Discussion GroupEGA Discussion Group 12 months ago

    Dear Friends, this is my first time as president. I\’m interested in anyone\’s President Challenge that were successful and interesting to their members. Just a short description and what deadline was give would be helpful.
    Thank you and may we all keep stitching, Susan Baldassano

    • We have had good participation with challenges of a “pincushion”, and one of “any project that included a doll”. We usually announce our challenge in January with a deadline of November.

    • Thank you, Marian. That helps knowing your deadline and types of challenges.
      May we both keep stitching, Susan

  • Hello! I’m still pretty new, so I don’t know if this is the place to ask such questions, but I’ll go ahead! For the most part, I am switching over to scroll frames since some of my work is larger than standard hoops and also to avoid hoop marks. That said, I have a piece that I’ve worked on with a hoop. I can’t get rid of the hoop marks now.…[Read more]

    • There is a product called Amodex, available at Lowes, that will take out just about any stain. If you can get the stained circle wet without harming the design, apply the Amodex and rub in just a bit. A little goes a long way. Let sit (follow instructions on package). Carefully rinse off the area away from the design, and let dry. You may have…[Read more]

    • Lori Anne: Another way to minimize the risk of your wooden hoops marking your fabric is to bind the hoop – go to Mary Corbet’s article of 30 July 2009 (https://www.needlenthread.com/2009/07/tutorial-binding-embroidery-hoop.html) for her excellent, detailed, and illustrated “Tutorial: Binding an Embroidery Hoop.” Janet

    • Thank you! This is good information to know. I realize I should have been more clear in my question. It’s not a stain I am dealing with, but the remaining “indents” from the hoops! No matter how much a iron, they keep popping back out. Like a permanent hoop wrinkle. 🙂

    • Hi Janet, Thank you! I think I should be calling it a hoop wrinkle instead of a mark! It’s actually not a stain, but the raised area from the hoop that keeps coming back. I will check out Corbet’s article. I love her site. Maybe that will work. I iron, but it seems to pop right back. Maybe taking it to be professionally steamed/dry cleaned would work.

    • Lori I use a product by Clover called a Fabric Folding Pen, it works well on all types of fabric and is easy to use. I first used it to remove the fold lines of fabric I had store for more then 10 years and I have used it many times to remove those pesky hoop wrinkles. I hope this helps you.

    • Hey there! I’m just now seeing this: thank you for this tip! I did discover that if I allowed the fabric to completely cool after ironing before I touched it, that helped. So iron flat, walk away, make tea, and then and only then, even think about moving the fabric! 🙂 I’ll check out the clover pen as well.

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    Good morning, would love to receive notifications and postings in email, is that possible? Or another way? Or easier access?

    • Hi Linda, are you interested in being notified when somoene posts on the EGA Discussion Group? While in the group, at the top you will see Email Options that would let you update how often you can receive emails. https://egausa.org/groups/ega-usa/

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