Spring Splendor with Kay Stanis

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On our Group Correspondence Course Spring Splendor you will learn couching, filling with purls, blending long and short over padding, how to transfer your patterns and twist flat silk and more.

Finally, after that long cold winter and the long cold drizzle that melted the gray snow and rinsed the earth clean, comes the time of generous sun. Blossoms exuberantly play in the golden light and spring walks among us again. The foundation for this bouquet is Dupioni silk and the silk fibers used are soft twist silk and silk sewing thread. These threads combine with pearl purl, check purl, Japanese twist, Grecian twist, passing thread, and Japanese golds to create the butterfly, blossoms and leaves. The stitches include vertical, radiating, horizontal, voided, and diagonal satin; long and short over padding and split stitch; normal and pattern couching. Students will also learn how to transfer their own patterns and twist flat silk. The focus of the class will be on couching, filling areas with purls, and blending long and short over padding.

Spring Splendor information

Project: Framed picture
Size: 8″ x 10″ design on 13.5″ x 18″ silk foundation
Fabric: Dupioni silk
Threads: Silk: five skeins of soft twist silks, four values of red, one of gold; Silk sewing thread. Metal: #1 Pearl purl; #6 Bright check purl; #1 Gold, SterlingTM 07; #5 Passing thread; #5 Japanese gold; #3 Japanese twist; medium Grecian twist; #8 braid, preferably Coronet BraidTM
Colors: Student’s choice, sample is in reds
Proficiency Level: Intermediate to advanced
Prerequisites: Some experience working with silk
Time: Twelve months, six working sessions
Fee: $175 per group
Text: $30, 50+ pages, all color
Supplies (approximate): $80, if provided by teacher
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About teacher Kay Stanis

Kay Stanis is an internationally known fiber artist, designer, Master Craftsman, and Certified and Graduate Certified Teacher of EGA and Kurenai Kai Traditional Japanese Embroidery.  She has been on the faculties of American Needlepoint Guild national seminars, Callaway School of Needlearts, Embroiderers Association of Canada, EGA national and regional seminars, Koala Conventions, South Australia Embroidery Conference, Embroidery 2000 (New Zealand), and many independent groups.

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