My Favorite Bracelet with Jeanette Carmichael

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This GCC is retiring December 31, 2021.

My Favorite Bracelet

Learn about beads, bead finishes and beading techniques!

Resplendent with pearl, silver, and crystal beads, My Favorite Bracelet is the time-honored classic bracelet, at home with both casual and formal wear and easily paired with a pearl necklace and earrings. It is made to fit the student’s wrist perfectly and is fastened with a sterling silver clasp.

The student will learn about beads and bead finishes, the reinforced square stitch foundation upon which the embellishment beads are attached, and a technique for a looped raised platform atop the foundation providing a dimension of height to the bracelet.

Other techniques include various types of bead attachments, the application of filler beads, silver bead caps and spacers, anchor and pivot beads, and two very simple beading knots to end and begin new threads. The Color Choice Challenge allows for choice of beads in colors to coordinate with any wardrobe.


More about My Favorite Bracelet

  • Class Details

    Project: Beaded bracelet
    Size: .5″ height; 1.375″ width; length fit to wrist
    Color: Pearl, silver, and crystal aurora borealis
    Supplies: Various seed and embellishment beads, thread, needles, beeswax, bead pad, and sharp embroidery scissors
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Prerequisites: None
    Time: Three months, preliminary meeting plus three meetings
    Fee: $175 per group
    Text: $40 per student, 55 pages, spiral-bound; color photos
    Supplies (approximate): $60-$80; depending on beads selected and the sharing of supplies.

  • About teacher Jeanette Carmichael

    Jeanette is an award-winning artist in the needle arts. She designed and made the King’s Collar for the Korean production of “The Promise.” Her embroidered and beaded picture Autumn Mystique won first prize for original design in EGA’s Competing Needles competition, “Needles That Sing.” Her unique needle renderings have been displayed in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Korea.

    Affectionately known as “The Bead Lady,” Jeanette is a sought-after instructor. She has taught beading for more than 20 years in the United Kingdom, throughout the United States, at Tarleton State University, Texas Christian University, San Antonio Bead and Ornament Society, Texas Appliqué Society, Silver Threads, Wild West Bead Society, Bluebonnet Studios, EGA workshops and various women’s clubs, bead societies and retail stores. Jeanette is the founder of Beaders’ Guild of Granbury in her hometown of Granbury, Texas.

    EGA Group Correspondence Courses designed and written by Jeanette include My Favorite Bracelet, Lady Larkspur Necklace(retired), A Frenzy of Fringes, and Cabochon My Way(retired). She is in the development stage of writing A Bevy of Bands, a sequel to A Frenzy of Fringes.

    As a member of our Fort Worth Chapter, Jeanette has held the positions of president and other offices. She has served on EGA’s South Central Region Board as Parliamentarian, and as a member of EGA’s Bylaws Committee. She has also served as a contributing author for Apprize, EGA’s teacher newsletter, and is presently the editor of the Fort Worth Chapter newsletter.

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