Frenzy of Fringes

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Frenzy of Fringes Beading Class

Teacher: Jeanette Carmichael

This unique sampler is your chance to enjoy making 23 distinct beaded fringes. Though each fringe is short to fit the space provided within the sampler, it is a complete fringe, and gives the participant enough information and experience to make it and decide whether or not to use it on another project. Most of the fringes use small amounts of size 11 seed beads. A home seed stash may be sufficient for many of them.

Included is a measuring guide that reduces grams to teaspoons to help determine if the participant’s stash is sufficient or to help calculate the cost of beads if sharing with others. This is a totally new concept in samplers and a fun way to learn how to do beaded fringes.

Challenges are offered for color suggestions: selection using the participant’s own choices, or an alternate three-color sampler to reduce the cost of the project.

Course information

Project (very brief description): Twenty-three distinctly different beaded fringes are stitched on Aida cloth outlined in cross-stitched sections. Filled with seed, bugle, faceted crystal and other beads, the completed sampler can be proudly displayed in the home as well as provide a guide for future fringed projects.
Size: Sampler 10.5 x 13.5 inches
Fabric: 14 x 17 inches white11-count Aida cloth
Threads: DMC cotton floss, polyester sewing thread
Colors: Varied, using suggestions or participant’s choice
Beads: Small amounts of various size 11° and 8° seeds; 2, 4, 6 and 8mm round; #2 and #5 bugles; and a few miscellaneous specialty beads.
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Prerequisites: None
Time: 3 months
Fee: $175 per group
Text: $58; 93 pages, spiral bound; 5 pages of full color photographs
Supplies (approximate): $30 – $80 depending on sharing and participant’s bead stash

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