A Journey into the World of Raised Embroidery: Stumpwork Techniques

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A Journey into the World of Raised Embroidery: Stumpwork Techniques

Teacher: Celeste Chalasani

This is an in-depth study of the various techniques used in stumpwork. Students will learn by completing the work. Each lesson focuses on a specific technique that students will practice and culminates in a project that is provided or one of the student’s choosing. The project for the last lesson is a stumpwork sampler, which applies every technique the student has learned into one final piece.


Lesson 1. Dimensional embroidery stitches

Lesson 2. Padded slips

Lesson 3. Wired slips

Lesson 4. Needlelace

Lesson 5. Stumpwork figures

Lesson 6. Final project

Course information

Prerequisite: Familiarity with surface embroidery stitches, such as blanket, chain, outline, satin, split, and stem stitches; French knots; and long and short stitch.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate through Intermediate Advanced
Time: Six to nine months
Fee: $175 (Fee is for course only. Text fee will be added based on the customer’s selection of text format).
Text: $25 if downloaded from EGA website; $61 for the printed text, including shipping.
Supplies: $110–$220

About Celeste Chalasani

Celeste Chalasani is a designer who specializes in stumpwork and teaches at chapter workshops and at regional and national seminars. She teaches an online class for Craftsy.com and an Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA) Individual Correspondence Course on stumpwork. Celeste has been published in Needle Arts, Piecework Magazine, and GPR Designers 2012.  

 Celeste is enrolled in the National Academy of NeedleArts (NAN) Teachers’ Certification program. “Teaching Stumpwork is a labor of love for me. I am passionate about sharing what I know. I approach teaching from the understanding that different people learn in different ways. I strive to provide clear written instructions with step by step color photos, orally explain the technique with color coded visual aids, demonstrate stitches and techniques, and work one on one with each student as they practice their techniques.”  Learn more About Celeste here.

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