New at EGA: Continuing Studies Online Courses

We are excited to announce a new way to experience online education with EGA. In addition to our current Short-term Timed Online Classes we are launching our Continuing Studies online classes?

Our Continuing Studies Online Classes are on-going classes that are available to our members for one year.

Students may register at any time during that year and work at their own pace.

All of the lessons are posted at the beginning of the class so that students have access to all of them upon registration. The teacher is still just a click away to answer any questions you might have in the class discussion group.

To kick off our Continuing Studies Online Classes we have Fingertip Gloves with Deborah Tirico. Fingertip Gloves is a study in dimensional wool appliqué, embroidery embellishment, and glove construction. These fun fingertip gloves keep your hands warm while you still have the capability of using your fingertips for cell phones and tablets. Available in one of four bright colorways. Learn more and Register Here

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